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Soil Association Accreditation For Valentine Foods


Valentine Foods is delighted to receive Soil Association Approval for their range of artisan fine food products which are stored, picked and distributed via family food distributor and supply chain specialist Oakland International.

Valentine Foods offer a range of delicious world foods which are healthy, contain no added sugar or preservatives, and in many cases are gluten free. Valentine Foods enlisted Oakland International’s warehousing expertise to help secure Soil Association accreditation, utilising Oakland’s certified storage area and processes prior to delivery to their retailers.

Oakland International QA Manager, Louise Smith, said: “As we are both family businesses, we can empathise with Valentine Foods and their business journey, with both teams sharing a passion and pride to deliver great service and reactivity; everyone contributing and fully involved in every aspect of the job.

“Our aim is to add value to our customers and build competitive advantage, so Oakland is delighted to help secure Soil Association certification for Valentine Foods as they further develop their niche market food offer.”

With consumer shopping preferences moving steadily towards organic and responsibly produced goods, Soil Association certification is highly prized as more and more consumers seek confidence in the sustainability and fairness of the supply chain. Working collaboratively, Valentine Foods share a love and passion for exploring wholesome food and bringing quality products produced by organic food producers in the UK, Ireland and Europe to the market.

Valentine Foods Director, Julian Valentine, said: “We are delighted to have received our Soil Association Accreditation for 2016/17. We continue to enjoy a very close relationship with Oakland International as our supply chain partners and they have proved instrumental in achieving the Soil Association recognition.

“Our collaboration with Oakland International ensures we are able to meet the requirements of our customers in delivering our range of international quality organic foods with the endorsement of the Soil Association.”