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Oakland International – Full Or Part Time, What Gender Pay Gap?



With fewer than half of UK’s biggest employers narrowing the gender pay gap in 2019, family business and supply chain and distribution specialist Oakland International is once again ahead of the national trend.

Oakland International Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Dean Attwell, stated: “We have always had a strong policy of employee equality, with good performers irrespective of gender able to earn more. We also operate part-time roles throughout our business which suits single parents, meaning they can work around nursery hours and the school day.”

Oakland International employees are split between 75% males and 25% females working in a predominantly warehousing and storage setting. In real terms Oakland pays on average 9% more to its female employees despite having far more men working across the business with female employees tending to be in more senior roles with the ability to earn higher bonuses. A multi-award winner and the holder of two Queens Awards for Enterprise, Oakland International operates sites and facilities at Redditch and Corby in the UK, Dublin in Ireland and has a partner in Spain, and is a leading expert at reducing food losses in the supply chain due to load contamination.

Added Dean: “Where we can we recruit locally as we recognise the value and strength family members bring to the business. We employ mums, dads, sons and daughters as we offer good rates of pay for both full and part-time roles in an environment which is both flexible and family friendly. Families, particularly single parents, need flexibility from employers as by being flexible and accommodating you then create a positive environment which helps to retain staff and their valuable skills.

“We are committed to our family values and are focused on ensuring all team members are treated equally regardless of any irrelevant factor. We regularly monitor our pay rates and bonus payments along with a variety of other factors to ensure we remain fair and equal to all.”

Oakland International is a BRC double A accredited business and a specialist at providing contract packing, storage, picking, food distribution and brand development support for ambient, chilled and frozen food to the retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets.