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Customs Clearance Consortium Recruiting Additional Staff As Transition Period Comes To An End


Working to deliver a range of Brexit solutions as we head towards the UK’s departure from the EU, the Customs Clearance Consortium (CCC) is creating an additional 50 jobs to support its 24-hour UK and EU customs operations.

The CCC was launched by supply chain specialists Oakland Invicta specifically to address the shortage of customs broker capacity. Their customs and border knowledge has seen the Consortium’s momentum accelerate as businesses try to get to grips with the new and exacting customs processes coming in to force on the 1st January 2021, once the UK has formerly left the EU.

Heading the CCC is Oakland Invicta Commercial Director, Robert Hardy, who over the last 7 years has helped develop the largest 24-hour customs clearance station in the UK. Robert is an advisor to HM Government on matters relating to Customs and Brexit, a registered expert with the EU Commission on matters relating to International Trade and a key member of the UK cross governmental policy groups including Border Delivery, Logistics Steering, NI Protocol and Future Borders Group.

Robert commented: “The Consortium is excited to be recruiting an additional 50 staff to support our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week shift operation and recognising that most trucks move at night, we’re setting staffing levels accordingly.”

All key staff will be trained to at least level IV of UK Customs Academy and supported through in-house border training, with CCC’s fully funded trainers supporting HMRC in Brexit readiness.

The CCC encompasses some of the biggest logistics operators in Europe and works with many of the largest house-hold brands in the market today, with Brexit set to generate an additional 200+ million customs declarations annually.

Helping with tariff clarification and validation, border processes and cross channel freight, through to customs regime assessment to deliver a smooth UK-EU-UK supply chain, candidates can find out more by visiting: www.mybrexit.uk

Added Robert: “Understanding Customs is one thing but understanding how to apply those processes on the ground is a skill that takes years to refine.

“These are exciting times and we look forward to welcoming new people to our strong, dynamic and growing team.”