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Robert Hardy

Founder and CEO EORI

As a GB importer, how can you ensure that your EU supplier does what they need to do, so that goods actually get to you?

The process can be complicated by the number of parties involved. If you are based in GB and you order products from an EU supplier, certain things need to happen (in a certain order) for those goods to be able to pass through borders and arrive with you.

Our mission has always been to keep things simple. We have been working with major brands in the UK who have multiple suppliers from all over the EU and needed a simple one-size-fits-all solution. So we created the SUPPLIER PORTAL. The process could not be more straight-forward:-

1. Order goods

2. Advise supplier to complete the PORTAL process (takes 5 mins)

3. They will receive a UCR (unique consignment reference)

4. The PORTAL will inform you that goods are on the way and, crucially, inform us also…

5. We then take care of the border processes and import documentation

6. The delivery takes place with minimal fuss

We have set up the PORTAL for standard goods (not excise, fish, military goods etc) since this represents the largest volume of traffic.

Each PORTAL is customised and includes your logo, EORI number, special instructions etc. Because it is unique to you we don’t need to ask the supplier so many questions and can therefore make the process pretty slick.

Would you like your own PORTAL? It takes us a bit of time to set up and we therefore ask for a small fee of £250 (plus VAT) to cover expenses. We have set up a demo version for you to test. See what you think: https://bit.ly/31IEoiM

If you would like your own version we just need the following:-

a. A hi-res of your logo

b. Your EORI number

c. Your contact email address (the one that the portal will send load information to)

d. An example of your Purchase Order format (ie AABB123234456XX)

We may also ask you to provide product and commodity code information so we can build the background files and make sure that only standard goods are involved.

We hope you will find this solution useful.

Robert Hardy, Commercial Director, Oakland International/Oakland Invicta

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