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Robert Hardy

Robert Hardy

Founder and CEO EORI

“Why do you give so much away for free?” is a question I am often asked. Whether it is one of our free webinars, free templates, free online auditing tools, free customs quiz… the answer is always simple: we want to encourage trade and make things as simple as possible. If you choose to use our services that is a bonus but our advice is still our advice and you are welcome to it!

What constitutes sufficient process? Does GSP apply? When can I use importer’s knowledge? Rules of origin is a fast-moving and complicated set of principles that decide what (if any) duty is to be applied to the import declaration. Get it wrong and the entry might still clear but the audit process could be costly. Get it right and you can plan with confidence. Our initial consultation is free. Go to https://www.eori.uk/origin complete the simple online form and one of our specialists will pick it up from there.

We’ve updated our template for EIDR (entry in declarant’s records) data capture. It can be downloaded from here: https://www.eori.uk/Customs_Entry just click on the DEFERRED ENTRY icon. This template is linked to our import entry automation and allows trade data to be standardised as much as possible. Which leads me to…

We have had a run of enquiries recently for our automation processes (not free!). We have spent the last two years perfecting our robotics and now have more than 75% of our entry handling fully automated. We are aware that customs agency capacity is stretched and there is a deadline of 24th June fast approaching. We are happy to help – you gather the data and we’ll take care of the processing and entry acceptance. Talk to us about pricing and our 5 day turnaround service.

The deferred entry scheme allows goods to flow with the GB import declaration (in most cases) being finalised up to 175 days later. You don’t have to wait 175 days, that is merely the maximum (hence 24th June above, being the first 2021 deferred entry deadline). Many are still lodging full frontier declarations because “it’s easier!” It might be a viable option at the moment but it will become more stressful when GVMS is fully in use from January. Why stress the frontier? If record keeping is not your forte there are still options – treat the movement as a full frontier but use the deferred entry scheme – welcome to the NEXT DAY SUPPDEC – it allows the truck to flow and the import to be wrapped up immediately afterwards, but (crucially) without risking any delays to the the movement of the goods.

Back to free advice. Our ‘meet the experts’ sessions are proving popular. The session is free and allows us to give you top notch advice specific to your needs. We cover topics such as:-
• GB imports
• GB exports
• Rules of Origin
• EU clearances
• Transit
• Customs approvals
• IE imports
• IE exports
• Returned Goods Relief
• Bonded warehousing
To book a session just go to: https://www.eori.uk/experts

We recently launched our first customs/borders quiz and we have been shocked by the volume of responses. It seems people are finding it very useful. We have always said that the process offers:-
• Spot talent in the team
• Identify training needs in the team
• Use it as part of the recruitment process
• Just a bit of fun

Have you taken the test yet? Go to: https://www.eori.uk/quiz and test your skills.

Thanks for listening.

Rob Hardy

The Customs Clearance Consortium
+44 (0) 333 012 4819