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Customs clearance experts the EORI Group has launched a white label version of their CABIE (Customs and Borders Import Export) solution, a simplified customs portal for GB imports.

The UK’s exit from the EU customs territory created the need for new customs paperwork where previously there had been none. Initial estimates put this at around two hundred million declarations per annum although that figure has settled to less than one hundred million, but still a substantial number.

Working in the background CABIE manages all approvals and provides 24hour customs support to keep the entire process flowing smoothly. From the outset EORI took the view that Brexit could not simply mean ‘more of the same’ and that customs clearance of a truck from Lille could not follow the same process as a 40ft container from Shanghai.

Founder and CEO of the EORI Group Rob Hardy explained: “EU trade flows are repetitive and fast-flowing, and these flows require a streamlined approach that allows goods to move as freely as possible, and without customs administration affecting schedules.”

With approval from HMRC for aggregation, EORI’s CABIE solution helps reduce the stress at the border and the subsequent paperwork afterwards, taking just over a minute to release any import consignment.

Hardy added: “If you have ten containers for the same consignee arriving on the same vessel, the agent can submit one import declaration. This is not normally practical when dealing with RORO (roll-on/roll-off) truck traffic and would normally require ten entries. This is not the way EORI manage things.

“It takes minutes to upload documents and release an import consignment and often costs less as well, and we are working to get away from quoting declaration charges and link the cost instead to the quantity shipped and CABIE allows us to do just that.”

EORI mostly use customs simplifications for import clearances, regardless of whether the port of arrival is GVMS (Good Vehicle Movement Service), or inventory linked. Using these simplifications means that the customs process can be detached from the goods’ movement and completed later, often ‘after’ goods have been delivered. Moreover, repetitive flows can be declared on one import declaration covering ten days of movements.

For more information about CABIE and how it works visit www.eori.uk/cabie.