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Oakland International Undertakes UK and Ireland Distress Load Market Research


With our goal to better understand the distress load market for food security, total supply chain solutions provider Oakland International has engaged market analysis research specialists Analytiqa to identify the dynamics of the distress load market within the UK and Ireland.

With a specific focus on food safety, Oakland International wants to consider the impact of clandestine infiltration (where a load in transit is compromised due to illegal migrant activity) and other causes of distressed loads in the logistics sector. Analytiqa, a specialist provider of independent and unbiased primary research and analysis is undertaking interviews with senior executives across the retail and manufacturing sectors in the UK to better understand the key issues.

Oakland International Chief Operating Officer Lee Whiting commented: “Distressed loads are a challenging area for many transport and supply chain operators that can be exacerbated by illegal migrant activity along with external and environmental factors beyond their control. By undertaking this market analysis factors including the impact, frequency, governance, control, resolution and risk management of distressed loads will be considered.,

“Over recent years we have seen demand for our distress load management (DLM) service grow exponentially but there is quite a variation in terms of operational criteria and services offered within the market, hence we’re keen to better understand customer’s challenges in relation to this issue and assist to establish industry best practice that will hopefully be supported by government policy and legislation in the long term.”

Oakland International is a leading D2C/B2C/B2B specialist in contract packing, storage, picking, food distribution and brand development support covering ambient, chilled, and frozen food, and services retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets in the UK and Ireland. They are also BRCGS AA accredited and have taken the first step to becoming B Corp certified and are working towards becoming the first business within their sector to achieve net-zero.

To increase the visibility of the challenges posed by distressed loads in the market, Oakland is undertaking this study in order to provide unbiased and independent market insight and analysis to all stakeholders across the logistics industry. The completed report will then provide important insight for customers, operators, government and other related national organisations. It is also hoped that the report’s findings will raise awareness of the challenges and consequences of distress loads and enable stakeholders to understand and ‘speak the same language’ and contribute to more informed discussions within the sector.

Analytiqa Director Mark O’Bornick explains: “At present there seems to be little available quality insight and analysis within the market around the frequency and impact of distressed loads and the security implications for the food supply chain in particular. By partnering with Oakland International, an expert service provider in the distressed load market for over twenty-years, we look forward to gaining a better understanding of the size, challenges and dynamics within the market that will hopefully contribute to operational improvements across the sector in the future.

“By engaging Analytiqa, Oakland International is looking to support the sector through the provision of actionable, robust research and analysis whilst also looking to better understand existing and prospective clients’ needs and challenges in relation to Distress Load Management, both commercially and operationally.”