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Oakland International - Article


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Robert Hardy

Founder and CEO EORI


Super slick GB import process
CABIE allows you to click click clear the consignment with minimal effort – just nine clicks and the shipment is released!

Non controlled EU goods are released against EORI’s top tier customs approval and the import declaration filed a few days after delivery, saving you time, money and stress. We can aggregate the import entry for repetitive flows, meaning less paperwork.

The customs fees can be linked to the quantity shipped meaning prices as little as £1 per pallet are not unusual (for non-controlled goods).

CABIE is CDS compliant and allows you to ship daily without incurring full customs declaration charges per movement.

Faster at the frontier, less paperwork and less cost – what’s not to like?

To find our more go to www.CABIE.uk

Got any questions?

Q. Is it really just nine clicks?
Absolutely! For non-controlled GB imports the process is super simple and requires no customs knowledge on your part. CABIE asks a few qualifying questions, the invoice is uploaded and you are good to go. You can authorise your supplier, agent or logistics partner to upload documents on your behalf if you prefer.

Q. Is £1 per pallet* really possible or just a gimmick?
Because CABIE separates the customs import entry from the truck movement we can submit fewer declarations. We are authorised to aggregate to one declaration per 10 day period for regular and repetitive flows. So, yes, the charge of £1 per pallet is not unusual.

Registering for CABIE is free and our team are ready to assist and support you. Go to www.CABIE.uk to find out more.

For logistics service providers a white label version of CABIE is also available and fully supported 24/7 by some of the most experienced customs professionals in the business.

Pop along to our website (www.CABIE.uk) for more information including a screen-by-screen walk-through and details of the white label option. Or, click here to book a demo: https://meetings.hubspot.com/robert-hardy

We look forward to discussing things further with you.

*price assumes a minimum number of pallets per shipment or per 10 day aggregation and excludes port charges and taxes if applicable

Rob Hardy

EORI (UK) Limited
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